Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thank you readers!

After posting my previous entry, I did some thinking of what actually in my mind I mean why the feeling of being awkward while writing it. I felt less passionate, I feel guilty of receiving comments from bloggers whose blogs I rarely visit, and if I do, I hardly leave a comment. I'd love to write about other stuffs but at the same time feel it won't fit in this blog, as I have decided that here is only for my rambling about the kids, and my life...and I thought how boring it is to blog readers. I've been contemplating to start a new blog, buy my own domain but the thought of adding another thing to do got me overwhelmed. That sound a lot of things to learn, I don't even know how to go about buying a domain. And a lot of things sound too technical for a technically-challenged person like me, and I have got time to even change the ticker for Adel Rayyan.

For a moment I feel that I should just quit altogether, and I thought it could be the end of my blogging days. But later, I just said "Nah...I've been doing this for over 2 years, and I love it". Then I saw the comments on my previous entry. It is just touching to know that I do have readers. One said she missed my writing, one said she'd love to hear more of how I do all this without a maid, another could not wait to see Adel's pic, one shared that she also just given birth to a boy, one warned me that a boy is such a hardy creature and yet again I received that "You are super-mama" remark from a new reader.

With that, the blog definitely will stay on ;). And I thank you!

As for new pics, I'm playing around with a new camera. It is from 2.2 to 10.2 mega-pixel for me. Have not downloaded any pic from it yet. Love it and that is another reason to finally move on with the new blog with own domain plan, hopefully soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Up and about

For the past one month, I stay home but went to the office a few times just to settle some urgent stuffs and to show off my new baby to everyone. At the office again and he is in his carrier on the floor, sleeping beautifully to give mama a chance to finally update her blog.

I was here on last Friday to meet some students and I just left my door open. I was nursing Adel Rayyan when a male staff walked passed my door and said 'hi'. I was very sure that I was not exposed but he frantically apologised. Just now, upon knowing I'm here, he again apologised...I felt embarrassed and assured him that, that was my fault.

During first week home after coming back from my kampung, hubby brought all girls to school/babysitter's and fetched them after work. I still had to still do the bertungku and was not supposed to do much work. After that, Bea3 stayed home and the elder girls at school and later were fetched by a colleague and sent to the babysitter.

I just love not having to go out everyday but at the same time my mind is constantly stuck with work. In this few weeks, I received a lot of phonecalls and got two deals on consultation works which sites are in the Klang Valley. That means for that, no travelling...yippee! This kind of news perks me up a little after being tired of watching too much of Kirikou, and being forced by Bea3 that while she nurses the teddy bear, I should tandem-nurse baby Adel and Pikachu!

Pic taken from here

I'm going to the market soon and fetch the girls, and pray that Adel will be nice so I can cook some nice meals. Always love the look on hubby's face upon knowing there is nice home-cooked food in the house. And I always love the feeling of being able to be a housewife whenever I can, being able to greet him at the door with my sweetest smile and a kiss, though once he said I smelled like a baby. I know he was being nice, it was actually the smell of baby's puke;).

After being stuck in the traffic on the way to get hubby from work and the girls on that Friday, I have decided to take a few more leave days, maybe will only start on the 1st of Oct. And even with that, I would not be spending much time in the office till after Raya...yippe again!

That's some updates! But somehow, I'm feeling a bit awkward while writing this and I'm sure it shows. Due to the long absence, maybe.